Restricted Technical Panel: Free Space Optical Communications for DoD Applications

  • Room: Main H
Wednesday, November 13, 2019: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM


Moderator (confirmed)
William S. Rabinovich, Ph.D.
Head, Photonic Materials and Devices Section, Optical Science Division
US Naval Research Laboratory
Panelist (confirmed)
James Lyke, Ph.D.
Space Vehicles Directorate
US Air Force Research Laboratory
Panelist (confirmed)
Joseph "Joe" Macker
US Naval Research Laboratory
Panelist (confirmed)
Paul Pellegrino, Ph.D.
US Army Research Laboratory
Panelist (confirmed)
Linda M. Thomas, Ph.D.
Research Engineer
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory


Free space optical communication can allow high bandwidth, low probability of intercept/detect communication that is not subject to frequency allocation. Balanced against these advantages are requirements for accurate pointing, line of sight, and availability restrictions due to weather. The panel will discuss these advantages and disadvantages, in the context of military applications, and how new technology and approaches affect use cases.