Tutorial: 5G Demystified: Architecture and Technologies

  • Room: Fraim
Thursday, November 14, 2019: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Speaker (confirmed)
Jack L. Burbank
Senior Wireless Network Engineer
Sabre Systems


Approved for 3 CompTIA CEUs: A+, Network+

This tutorial aims to provide attendees a solid understanding of the emerging Fifth-Generation (5G) wireless communications architecture. The tutorial will discuss the various technologies that will compromise the overall 5G network architecture and how these technologies are either complimentary or competitive in nature. This tutorial will provide attendees with a strong familiarity of 1) the emerging 5G cellular standards as defined in 3GPP Release 15 and 16, and 2) key IEEE 802.11 technologies that are emerging to support 5G usage cases. 

Rather than simply regurgitating material directly from standards documents, this tutorial will present material in a straightforward and easy to understand manner. The 5G landscape is extremely complex with many competing and complimentary technologies, standardization efforts, spectrum usage models, and industry-driven consortium developments that are all evolving rapidly. Furthermore, the 5G landscape is evolving very differently around the globe without (to date) a unified global vision of next-generation wireless networks. The goal is to simplify the complexity such that attendees can walk away with a solid understanding of key trends and technologies in the 5G landscape.


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Approved for 3 CompTIA CEUs: A+, Network+