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Exhibitor Innovative Solutions at FEDID and HSC 2017 (Exhibitors sorted by booth number)

BlueCat Networks

Booth # 302

DNS Edge

BlueCat DNS Edge is a client-facing DNS solution which leverages existing infrastructure to provide unique visibility, control, and detection capabilities for Federal agencies. The client-facing nature of DNS Edge allows Federal agencies to gain more granular insights into network activity than traditional firewalls and anti-malware platforms, and allows administrators to set policies based on defined DNS patterns and activity.


Federal Relay

Booth # 340

Video Relay Service (VRS), Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Relay Conference Captioning (RCC)

The Federal Relay Service is contracted Federal Government telecommunications relay service through the General Services Administration (GSA) for Federal employees who are deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, blind and low vision, or have speech disabilities. This contract provides a package of functionally equivalent communication access services so that Federal employees may conduct official duties. Federal Relay is available in two forms: telephone-based or internet- based. Our services include: Text Telephone (TTY), Speech to Speech (STS), Captioned Telephone (CapTel), Video Relay Service (VRS), Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Internet Protocol (IP) Relay, and Relay Conference Captioning (RCC).


Knight Point Systems

Booth # 342


Knight Point is transforming the way that our customers are consuming Information Technology through our Horizon® offering. You can buy technology products or services traditionally, cloud-enable your own data center on premises through our “as a service” offerings, Our IT and professional services, technology products, and data center and cloud solutions include specialties in infrastructure, cyber security, applications services, help desk / service center, strategic planning, and program management.

Dev Technology Group, Inc.

Booth # 438

Biometric Sleeve

Currently, government’s ability to collect and process multi-modal biometric information in the field is limited, since most devices are bulky and expensive. Our clients have identified a tablet based sleeve as a desired mobile footprint. Dev Technology is working with government to design a biometric sleeve that will leverage the established ruggedized Panasonic Toughbook tablets. It will be customized with biometric devices as well as include PIV enabled security. We are working with the government and the sleeve manufacturer to provide the physical design and specifications of the sleeve, develop the software, test prototypes, and finalize the design.


Princeton Identity

Booth # 512

IOM Access200

The IOM Access200™ by Princeton Identity is a superior biometric solution that is changing the security market. This feature-rich device provides an access control platform for businesses leveraging the accuracy of biometric authentication to improve security, performance, and service while reducing risk and fraud. This device effortlessly processes identification with a quick glance at any point of entrance where secure access is needed. The Access200™ features multimodal (face & iris) and multifactor capabilities (PIN & card) utilizing PI’s patented Iris on the Move™ technology and provides flexibility for various access control applications.