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About the Homeland Security Conference Planning Committee

HSC Panel ImageThe Homeland Security Conference Planning Committee is a subset of AFCEA's larger Homeland Security Committee. Drawing on their own background and experience, and with the assistance of the DHS Directorate of Management, they develop the theme and agenda framework, then work with session leads to identify speakers and arrange the sessions into a coherent flow. In addition to the main conference agenda, they coordinate and execute all other aspects of the program - small business sessions, Young AFCEAN activities, roundtables, the AFCEA Homeland Vigilance Awards, and more.


Beverly Cenname
Cyber & Intelligence Mission Solutions
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

Jeff Segall
Founder and Chief Learning Officer
InFlow Interactive LLC

Bob Gearhart
Principal Consultant

Presently, Mr. Gearhart is in his second term as a member of the AFCEA International Homeland Security Executive Committee. This committee is made up of members from Industry, Academia and the Department of Homeland Security. He is also a member of AFCEA International’s Small Business Executive Committee.
Robert was the previous Chairman of the New York State Business Council's Homeland Security Committee. He also sat on Northrop Grumman's Corporate Executive Committee for Homeland Security. And, as a member of that team designed, developed and wrote the plan for the New York State's Center of Innovation and Excellence (CoIE) for Homeland Security. In addition, his team acquired $25 Million plus of grant monies to implement the CoIE in NYS.
Previously, Mr. Gearhart worked in various capacities at the Northrop Grumman Corporation. He led Business Development for the $320M Critical Infrastructure and Homeland Security Operating Unit. Prior to that, he led the Integrated Systems Sector's homeland security initiatives in the pursuit of new opportunities such as SBInet and eBorders in the International and Domestic Federal, State and Local markets. He also served as the sector’s lead participant on a company-wide Northrop Grumman Homeland Security IPT. Mr. Gearhart coordinated the activities of homeland security initiatives throughout the Integrated Systems Sector. At the corporate level, Mr. Gearhart was a member of two Northrop Grumman homeland security integrated strategy teams focused on domain awareness and critical infrastructure protection, respectively. He was also a member of the corporation’s Homeland Security Executive Council which reported to the President/COO.

Kristina Kelly
Blackstone Technology Group

Bob Nunnally
President and COO
The Ambit Group

Bob is President of The Ambit Group and the corporate director of the Strategic Change practice area. He has more than 25 years of experience delivering business solutions in the public and private sector. He is known within these communities for leading large, diverse initiatives that include implementing information technology projects, developing and delivering human capital programs, building customer-focused teams and improving financial performance.
Prior to joining The Ambit Group, Bob developed and delivered leadership training and organizational development programs to businesses, non-profits and government agencies with Wingman Enterprises. As an executive coach for business leadership and change management, he developed the leadership education seminar, Commanding Your Organization™.
Prior to Wingman Enterprises, Bobco-founded Balaya, a business-centric social media solution that improved organizational communication and collaboration.
Prior to Balaya, Bob was with Toffler Associates where he led senior executives in aerospace, defense, and IT sectors to define and secure multibillion-dollar market opportunities and reengineer business operations.
Bob retired from the US Air Force where he commanded stateside and overseas organizations as an F-16 and A-10 pilot.

Mark Emery
Emery Consulting LLC

Carolyn Winters
Senior Program Manager, National & Cyber Solutions Group


Tom Ragland
CEO & President
TRR Goup

Brad Barker
8m Services, LLC