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CrossCore for Government Services

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  • CrossCore®
    CrossCore® is an integrated, digital identity and fraud platform that enables you to connect, access and orchestrate decisions that leverage multiple data sources and services. ...

  • CrossCore™ is the first smart, open, plug-and-play platform for fraud and identity services. It delivers a future-proof way to modify strategies quickly, catch fraud faster, improve compliance, and enhance the customer experience. 

    It does so through a modern technology approach that combines a flexible and scalable API with powerful workflow and decisioning functions, allowing you to connect, access, and orchestrate decisions across multiple systems more effectively. In addition, because no single system will ever have all the answers, CrossCore is open. This means it supports a best-in-class approach to managing a portfolio of services that work together in any combination — including Experian solutions, third-party services and client systems — to deliver the level of confidence needed. Isn’t it time we had a way to make fraud and identity solutions work better together for everyone? 

    CrossCore delivers:

    • A future-proof way to manage fraud and identity services
    • Strategies that deliver the level of confidence required at a transaction level
    • Capability to optimize decisions across services
    • Ability for risk-management teams to take control and move at the speed of fraud

  • Precise ID® Model Suite
    Precise ID® Model Suite is a collection of fraud risk models that uniquely detect different types of fraud: third party, first party and synthetic ID. The suite offers a variety of models to fit your organization's level of sophistication....

  • Precise ID® Model Suite detects and distinguishes fraud for better decision-making.

    During times of economic uncertainty, fraud patterns will change — and agencies need to keep up. Agencies must prepare for an increase in identity theft, first-party fraud and synthetic identity fraud. It’s more critical than ever to not only identify the fraud risks, but differentiate the type of fraud taking place so that appropriate treatments can be applied without inconveniencing legitimate citizens.

    We created a proprietary and unique process to improve the accuracy of our fraud models. Our algorithms identify potential first-party fraud based on historical identity data and credit usage patterns across a wide array of data assets. We analyze and incorporate changes to lender-reported data that reflect the outcome of third-party fraud investigations. This helps you confidently detect different types of fraud, reduce processing time, lower investigative costs and determine the right next steps.

  • FraudNet
    FraudNet provides comprehensive and frictionless online fraud detection....

  • FraudNet was specifically designed to deliver a comprehensive, frictionless fraud management solution that protects the citizen experience in the midst of rising fraud threats. FraudNet’s multi-layered approach deploys quickly and can be easily tailored to view suspect events, make informed decisions, and perform link analysis to quickly recognise multiple events with common themes. Designed to detect fraud as well as fast-track trusted citizens, FraudNet helps grow and enable digital business.

    The benefits of FraudNet include:

    • Lower fraud losses
    • Protect the ciztien experience
    • Frustrate fraudsters
    • Improve operational efficiency