FedID 2022 Awards

The nomination period for 2022 awards has closed. Please check back here for finalist information and other updates; awards will be presented at FedID on September 8, 2022.

Best Technical Advancement

An individual or team that has created new capabilities or discovered limitations that will profoundly impact the federal government’s future identity capabilities or practices.

Best Operational Success

An individual or team that has implemented new technology or practices and/or influenced legislation, regulation or policy in the federal identity community resulting in qualitative or quantitative success.

Best Educational Effort

An individual or team that has excelled in providing training and/or education-based opportunities either: a) to the federal identity community; or b) about federal identity applications to the public, media, or Congress.

Service and Leadership

An individual or team that has provided substantive guidance and/or leadership to the federal identity community.

Career Achievement Award

An individual who has achieved significant and sustained achievements within the FedID community over a period of at least fifteen years.