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The fraud threat landscape evolves daily and consumers today demand faster, more frictionless digital interactions. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions understands the need to find the right balance between protecting your organization with strong levels of data security and preserving a positive customer experience. Our multi-layered, risk-based solutions harness the industry’s authoritative identity verification, fraud analytics and authentication services to address fraud across multiple dimensions. To learn how your organization can proactively combat threats while improving the customer experience, visit risk.lexisnexis.com/government.


LexisNexis Risk Solutions Identity Proofing and Fraud Detection Initiatives


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  • LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® for Government
    Recognize online customers, accept transactions and secure your agency from cybercrime.

    Detect high-risk digital behavior that signals potential fraud without causing friction for citizens.

  • ThreatMetrix® for Government provides the fast, digital identity assessment agencies need. It harnesses data intelligence about devices, locations, identities and past behaviors across one of the world’s largest, crowdsourced, global digital networks. It’s able to connect online and offline identities for a holistic, singular view of citizens that transcends operational data silos. The result is government agencies know who they’re transacting with, reducing access from fraudsters and bots.

    The size and power of the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network is daunting. It contains 1.4 billion unique online digital identities from 4.5 billion devices in 185 countries. The Network analyzes over 100 million transactions a day across 35,000 websites from over 5,000 global companies.

    With ThreatMetrix, government agencies gain the exponential strength of the entire Network. Want to know more? https://risk.lexisnexis.com/products/threatmetrix-for-government?&utm_source=govevent&utm_campaign=AFCEA-FedID-Summit-2020

  • LexisNexis® Risk Defense Platform
    The LexisNexis® Risk Defense Platform offers a proven solution. A customizable, robust system, it delivers a frictionless onboarding and authentication process for users while defending against ever-changing fraud threats....

  • The LexisNexis® Risk Defense Platform offers a proven solution. A customizable, robust system, it delivers a frictionless onboarding and authentication process for users while defending against ever-changing fraud threats.

    Predicated on a multi-layered, risk-based approach, the Risk Defense Platform accelerates the identification of your citizens while delivering superior protection. It streamlines interactions by conducting different levels of authentication, adjusted in real time, based on the risk level of the individual transaction.

    The Risk Defense Platform equips your agency with a powerful set of fraud and identity management capabilities. You also get intelligent reporting metrics that help you:

    • Remove unnecessary friction to deliver a smooth, positive experience for citizens
    • Quickly adjust to new fraud threats without draining limited resources
    • Improve your compliance with regulations regarding the protection of sensitive and citizen data
    • Fortify identity and device authentication online and in call centers to effectively thwart fraud and account takeover

    You get seamless access to a wide variety of onboarding and authentication tools as well as industry-proven best practices through one simplified integration that only requires minimal IT support.

    Through LexisNexis® Fraud Defense Network, you also receive a more comprehensive, robust level of actionable intelligence that can only come from sources that go far beyond the data available within your agency. You gain a deeper perspective and more complete picture derived from our access to over 82 billion public and proprietary records. These records provide coverage of 99.9 percent of the U.S. adult population and are continually being updated. When combined with our market-leading, proprietary technology, they are the key to further automating your onboarding process and increasing the speed of access management workflows without putting your agency at risk.

    Want to know more? https://risk.lexisnexis.com/products/risk-defense-platform-for-government?&utm_source=govevent&utm_campaign=AFCEA-FedID-Summit-2020

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