Poupak Afshar is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Easy Dynamics Corporation, a federal and commercial technology services provider based in McLean, Virginia.
Ms. Afshar launched Easy Dynamics as a next generation consulting and integration firm, realizing that the paradigm shifts in the industry will demand a blend of policy, privacy and cybersecurity to meet tomorrow’s public sector IT challenges. She leads and oversees the delivery of highly secure and innovative technology services and solutions, providing outstanding client service while managing all strategy and direction for Easy Dynamics. Under her leadership, she’s helped US Homeland Security, Navy and Education pave early adoption of public cloud services while driving a culture of Digital Identity as the enabler. Ms. Afshar’s focus on Identity, Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM) has led Easy Dynamics to drive major strategic initiatives at SSA, IRS, DHS, GSA, and Treasury, a critical component to advancing adoption of secure cloud services and cross agency shared services. She has brought innovation and thought leaders that have helped define guidelines for the NIST SP 800-63 Digital Identity Guidelines and the recently published NIST Privacy Framework.
Prior to her role in Easy Dynamics, Ms. Afshar practiced patent and trademark law and holds a degree in criminology and criminal justice from the University of Maryland.

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