Program Idea Submissions

Deadline for Program Idea Submissions is May 31, 2020.

While beginning to develop FedID 2020, Planning Committee members decided to significantly focus on three fundamental areas of utmost importance to federal identity activities over the next few years and request input from the identity community on how to best address them during the event. Our objective is for the public-private FedID community to collaboratively develop consensus recommendations for these areas, which the government can then leverage as they plan and implement their identity strategies.

Each of these three fundamental areas are introduced here, with issues of interest further described. We are asking for the community’s input on these issues:

  • Is there an issue that we mention that is not well understood by the private sector, and thus the government needs to better explain at FedID?
  • What are the innovative ideas out there, or experiences from other sectors, that the government needs to be aware of for a specific issue, & who would be best to present those ideas at FedID?
  • Do you have ideas on how to best investigate an issue and develop public-private consensus on the way forward (such as a panel discussion, small group workshop, a hackathon-like activity, etc.) that we could implement at FedID?
  • Marketing pitches are not allowed at FedID, and stovepiped solutions aren’t really “solutions” in the federal space, so submissions on these lines will not be considered.

Please use this paper as your guide to develop and submit your idea(s).

Submit an idea for Government-Citizen Interaction.
Submit an idea for Identity & the Federal Enterprise.
Submit an idea for Homeland/National Security and Law Enforcement Applications.
Submit an idea for an important topic not covered in the paper here.

Note that not all of the issues identified in the paper will be addressed during the conference due to time constraints, and it is highly likely that submitted ideas will be merged and evolved while developing the program.