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 Press Releases

    • Paravision (formerly Ever AI) ranked #1 in the world for face recognition accuracy by National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).
    • This marks a steady climb in performance over the last year, with Paravision going from #1 in the US to #1 globally, beating out competition from across the world.

    San Francisco, California: Ever AI, a face recognition platform designed specifically for mission-critical applications, today announced that it has been ranked #1 globally by NIST on its Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 1:1 Leaderboard. The company also announced a rebranding of the business to Paravision, including a new logo, positioning, and website.

    The NIST FRVT is the US government’s independent evaluation of face recognition algorithms, and the NIST FRVT 1:1 Ongoing results released on July 31 establish Paravision’s leadership in delivering highly accurate, secure, and performant face recognition, beating out 87 other vendors both onshore and overseas.

    “Historically, Chinese and Russian face recognition has been more accurate at recognizing global faces than offerings from American companies. We believe that it is imperative for companies like ours to do more to ensure the United States does not fall behind in the global marketplace. Achieving the #1 rank in the world clearly shows that there is an American company capable of competing with and beating any global competitor in the development of this critical AI technology,” said Charlie Rice, CTO of Paravision.

    Paravision’s algorithms excel across a range of challenging conditions – including cooperative and non-cooperative faces, light and angle variability, blur and pixelation, occlusions, and diversity across phenotype, age, and gender. As a result, Paravision is the platform of choice for large enterprises building applications in public safety, access control, video analytics, identity verification, and payments.

    Paravision’s new branding underscores the company’s commitment to developing computer vision that goes above and beyond the capabilities of human vision. What hasn’t changed is the company’s focus on mission-critical applications; customers and partners can expect Paravision to bring the same level of diligence around accuracy and reduction in algorithmic bias to other mission-critical computer vision problem sets.

    “Our goal has always been to support global solutions providers and security device manufacturers by solving the most complex computer vision problems. The new brand reinforces the company’s investment in mission-critical computer vision for enterprise applications requiring unparalleled accuracy, security, and deployment flexibility. It also helps us clarify our position with our target audience and expand our reach in the market,” said Doug Aley, CEO of Paravision.

    About Paravision

    Paravision is a computer vision company that specializes in face recognition technology.

    Paravision’s face recognition platform is trusted by global security device manufacturers, solution providers, systems integrators, and financial services firms in situations where an error could have profound negative consequences.

    Paravision strives to consistently push the bar in face recognition precision and performance, being the only American company to rank in the top 10 in over 50 accuracy benchmarks across the 1:1 and 1:N NIST Face Recognition Vendor Tests.

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