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Athena Sciences Corporation  

Fairmont,  WV 
United States
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 Press Releases

  • Athena Sciences Corporation (Athena) is pleased to announce that the Themis ™ Version 2 multi-modal biometrics examination workstation now provides for examination of DNA, scars, marks, and tattoos (SMTs).  With Version 3, Themis ™ has evolved into an examination operations ecosystem with the addition of a Case Management Tool (CMT).  The CMT provides for automation and workflow management of examination cases from receipt of evidence through final disposition and reporting. Themis ™ is cloud-ready, NIST ITL compliant, and matching vendor agnostic . “We are committed to growing our Themis product line to meet evolving customer needs for biometrics examination operations”, according to Athena CEO Dan McCaugherty. “We believe that Themis improves biometrics examination effectiveness and workflow efficiency while providing customers the flexibility to migrate to the cloud and introduce new matching technology without disrupting examination operations.” Athena is an SBA certified HUBZone corporation with headquarters in Fairmont, WV. Athena provides cloud-ready computing solutions, biometrics products, and systems development and integration services in support of the DoD, Department of Homeland Security, US Treasury, Supreme Court of Virginia, and other customers.


  • Themis - Multi-Modal Biometric Workstation
    A multi-modal biometric examination product by Athena Sciences. Providing comparison tools for one to many biometrics of fingerprint, iris, face, palm, DNA, SMTS, etc. Themis runs in a browser and is built on a microservices architecture tested in AWS....

  • Themis ™ is a vendor-agnostic, cloud-ready, multi-modal biometrics examination workstation. It is designed primarily to enhance examiner performance through an easy-to-use interface focused on keeping examiners looking at biometrics instead of navigating the system.
    Themis is built to be a vendor-agnostic system to provide customers better flexibility in the selection of one or more search algorithms. Competing products claim to be vendor-agnostic as well, but only work through heroic efforts on the part of the system integrator because these products are designed to be part of a total end-to-end solution. Athena does not sell matching algorithms and has no desire to tie Themis to a single matching vendor. This frees system integrators into choosing one or more matching algorithms that best fit the mission at hand. It also enables system integrators to change matching algorithms at will, without needing to retrain examination teams on new tools. Themis is fully compliant with ANSI NIST ITL 2011 to support easy integration into larger systems.
    Themis is unique in that it is cloud-ready and can be deployed in cloud-native, hybrid-cloud, or traditional IT infrastructure environments. It is accessed through any HTML5 compatible browser or mobile device. Competing products are thick clients, requiring complex management, installation and troubleshooting procedures.
    Another unique feature of Themis is that it is multi-modal. Examiners can see all biometrics for probe/candidate pairs side-by-side, allowing them to easily identify data quality issues such as cross-linked identities. Themis will allow users to flag these data quality issues for reprocessing in the search system as needed.