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Patrick Grother

Computer Scientist


Patrick Grother is a scientist at the National Institute of Standards in Technology responsible for biometric algorithm evaluation, and biometric performance testing standardization. He leads the Face Recognition Vendor Tests, the Face-In-Video Evaluation and the Iris Recognition Exchange projects. These all give quantitative support to the reliable use of biometrics in applications ranging from access control to national scale identity management. As the tests are conducted for free using sequestered data on very large biometric data sets, the results support decision makers faced with algorithm selection, performance adequacy assessment, procurement specification, and development of data interchange standards.

Patrick Grother assists several US Government agencies on research, development and evaluation, and co-chairs NIST’s International Biometrics Performance Conference (IBPC) on measurement, metrics and certification. He serves as editor of several ISO standards and has received the IEC 1906 Award, in 2009, and the ANSI Lohse IT Medal in 2013.


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