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Yevgeniy Sirotin

Scientist Manager, Identity and Data Sciences Lab
Maryland Test Facility, SAIC


Yevgeniy B. Sirotin is a scientist manager at SAIC’s Identity and Data Sciences Laboratory and supports the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology (DHS S&T) as the Principal Investigator at the Maryalnd Test Facility. He is also an SAIC Technical Fellow and participates in planning and oversight of SAIC’s research portfolio.
Prior to joining SAIC, Yevgeniy was a Presidential Fellow in Neuroscience at the Rockefeller University where he investigated the neurobiology of behavior and perception.
Yevgeniy started his industry career after joining the Scitor Corporation in 2014 as a Human Factors Scientist supporting DHS S&T’s Air Entry-Exit Reengineering (AEER) program where he designed large scale scenario evaluations of biometric technologies for use in the travel environment. SAIC acquired Scitor in 2015.
Yevgeniy earned a Ph.D. in Neurobiology and Behavior from Columbia University where he performed multiwavelength imaging of brain activity patterns. He has diverse research interests in behavior and human computer interaction and has 84 publications spanning these disciplines. His past research spans mathematical psychology (cognitive modeling), neurophysiology (multi-spectral imaging of the brain), psychometrics (mechanisms of visual and olfactory perception), biometrics (design and testing of identity systems), and human factors (usability).
Yevgeniy’s current work focuses on methods to develop relevant metrics and measure technology performance through efficient testing representative of intended government and industry use-cases. His current research focuses on the performance of face recognition and other biometric technologies using scenario testing with diverse users. His recent published work has addressed questions regarding the usability of biometric capture methods, methods of measuring usability, and demographic effects in biometric system performance.


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