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John Walsh

Chief Strategy and Technology Officer
BlackRidge Technology


John Walsh is Chief Strategy and Technology Officer of BlackRidge Technology (OTCQB: BRTI), and formerly VP Secure Technology Group at Analog Devices, and President of Sypris Cyber Solutions. John is responsible for working with BlackRidge and customer teams to develop product and channel solutions that meet their needs and the needs of the commercial and government markets.

John has a background in high assurance systems security, security assurance frameworks, IoT/IIoT, secure semiconductors and assured identity, cryptographic key management, systems penetration testing, and the development of trusted architectures using identity as a core element. He holds 11 identity architecture related patents with additional patents pending.

John is a globally recognized leader and contributor in IoT, Smart Cities, identity-based trust models and architectures, trusted identity solutions using hardware roots of trust, securing trust point to point. John is a thought leader in the growing need to develop a broader view in today’s business and technology ecosystems in the environment of connectivity and new and emerging value chains as part of establishing successful global strategies, partnerships, new product / services development and launches.

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