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Dr. Amanda C Sozer

Chief Science Officer
SNA International


Amanda Sozer, founder and president of SNA International, has a Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee - Oak Ridge Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and spent her early career managing forensic DNA laboratory operations at Cellmark Diagnostics and Fairfax Identity Laboratories. She then served as a Technical Contractor to the National Institute of Justice, supporting the DNA backlog reduction programs and facilitating the National Institute of Justice Kinship and Data Analysis Panel for the World Trade Center Victim Identification Program.

Dr. Sozer managed the Hurricane Katrina victim DNA identification project, facilitating the Hurricane Victim DNA Identification Expert Group for Louisiana and Mississippi. She is an internationally recognized expert in human identification and has served on numerous committees and panels in an advisory capacity. Dr. Sozer facilitated the writing of the AABB Guidelines for Mass Fatality DNA Identification Operations and was an advisory member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Scientific Working Group on Disaster Victim Identification (SWGDVI) Data Management Committee.

Dr. Sozer has also written strategic plans and mass fatality response plans for a number of organizations in the U.S. and has led a Subject Matter expert group developing guidelines for scientists working on human rights projects for the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. She currently sits on the New York State Forensic Commission DNA subcommittee.

Dr. Sozer is an expert on Rapid DNA, participating in field exercises to illustrate the versatility of Rapid DNA in the Department of Homeland Security operations and disaster victim identification operations. She has contributed to Rapid DNA research and development on a local, national and international scale.


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