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SecureData provides a one stop solution for all data recovery and data security needs. The SecureDrive product line is designed for secure storage and transfer of information. All models are software-free and compatible with any OS. The Bluetooth model is the only hardware-encrypted drive on the market with remote management capabilities to control who, where and when can access the drive. Take Full Control.


  • SecureDrive BT Managed
    The only hardware encrypted external hard drive with User authentication and Software Free Remote Management via DataLockManaged® app on any mobile device. OS Independent. Military Grade AES256 bit encryption. Preloaded with antivirus.<br />...

  • SecureDrive BT is the first and currently only Mobile App Authenticated secure hard drive that is unlocked through a DataLock® s app. The Bluetooth® channel is used to communicate with the mobile app only; there is no access to the USB controller via Bluetooth®, and thus, no access to any user data on the drive. DataLock® app allows the User to have a visual touch smartphone experience as well as TouchID / FaceID, making the User experience streamlined and modern.

    Unlike other encrypted drives where USB port has to be always on for user authentication, access to the USB controller on the SecureDrive is blocked until the password is entered, so you can’t update the firmware with malware. SecureDrive BT is hardware encrypted using an on-board processor to generate and store the unique encryption key, preventing the ability for a hacker to capture the key on the host Operating System.

    Remote Management via Web Console allows the company administrator to control who can access the data, where it can be accessed, and when it can be accessed.  It also can be used to remotely wipe the data or disable access even if the user has a drive password.

    Geo-fencing. User access can be limited by the administrator using any of the following options: Continent, Country, Address, City, State, or Postal Code. Once the geo-location is set, the fencing is complete by selecting the radius in kilometers/miles. This will mark the maximum distance the user can travel in order to access the drive. If the drive is lost, the geo-parameters of the smartphone, not the IP address, are used to locate the device which allows you to be as precise as a few feet.

    Time-fencing limits the start/end use times in any time zone.

    The locking options allow you to set up a time for Inactivity AutoLock, Step-Away AutoLock, and Read-Only mode.

    Brute Force Anti-Hacking: In an event that a incorrect key is entered 10 consecutive times, a brute force self destruct feature inside the drive’s firmware is activated to permanently crypto-erase the passwords, all User data and drive formatting in seconds.