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Informed XP channels the power of evidence and design to craft compelling experiences for people, helping them discover and comprehend information to complete meaningful actions. Leaders in UX, CX, and Service Design, we leverage modern, human-centered approaches such as design thinking, lean and agile to clarify strategy and accelerate transformation. We find the problems worth solving and passionately pursue outcomes for agencies and companies, large and small. Forward-thinking, curious and collaborative, we embrace change to innovate IoT solutions and the digital world.


About Informed XP
Informed XP - Technology reimagined for people


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  • Product + Experience Design
    To create exceptional applications and digital experiences that realize the mission takes more than just requirements and code. IXP applies human-centered design to clarify the pathway from problem and solution to successful implementation....

  • Uncovering critical data that ensures value such as citizen behaviors, constituent expectations, and employee needs, we leverage this data, best practices, and technical know-how to create solutions with lasting value. From strategy to prototyping or whether agile or waterfall, IXP meets agencies where they are to deliver targeted results.

    Problem Phase - Discover + Plan

    Falling in love with solutions creates products and services that miss the mark. Successful organizations first understand the problem space to identify and tackle the issues that matter. IXP provides strategy, research, and analysis to uncover the critical challenges and to create an actionable roadmap for next steps.


    For example: roadmaps, current state analysis, contextual inquiry, journey maps, personas, workshops, north star models, project charters, experience briefs, and storyboards.


    Solution Phase - Design + Validate

    IXP guides teams through exploring, ideating, and validating the possibilities to formulate worthwhile and effective solutions. From iterative sprints to rapid delivery, we provide end-to-end design and testing services to fit your specific needs. 


    For example: use cases, stories, site maps, content strategy, wireframes, comps, design specs, low-fidelity prototypes, usability testing, style guides and design systems.


    Implementation Phase - Build + Maintain

    IXP services span the implementation phase from development and testing to governance and measurement, to propel execution and support lifecycle maintenance. We ensure continuous focus on your mission-based objectives to fulfill employee, constituent, and citizen needs.


    For example: UI development, back-end development, user acceptance testing, end-to-end testing, training, governance, design ops, design system, gap analysis, and measurement.


    To learn more about product + experience design services, schedule an appointment with us at FedID 2020 or contact us online or via email:

  • Workshops + Remote Collaboration
    Change is hard. To harness the power of your team, you need input, ideas, prioritization, decision-making, and buy-in. IXP effectively engages your team through facilitated synchronous and asynchronous sessions to create insight, momentum, and results....

  • Not just another meeting - an IXP workshop is an engaging, experiential, and hands-on collaboration experience that combines design thinking and the latest tools to maximize value for participants and results for organizations and their constituents. Designed to deliver tangible outcomes at any point of your initiative, sessions are crafted to meet your organization’s mission-driven needs.

    What are the benefits of a workshop?

    • Cross-functional creation and collaboration
    • Expert, unbiased facilitation 
    • Open thinking and feedback from participants
    • Mobilization, alignment and collective action
    • Peer learning, sharing and connection
    • Actionable insights
    • Packaged results 

    How do sessions work?

    Sessions can be conducted as part of a series or as a single event and are customized to best fit your team’s needs. In general, each session entails:

    • A prep call to identify objectives, set scope, and coordinate set up.
    • 5 - 20+ participants from cross-functional teams as needed.
    • Gathering information prior to the event from participants as needed.
    • 4 -16 hours total of remote synch + asynch activities led by an experienced design thinking facilitator. 
    • Customized design thinking activities focused on collaboration needs such as: idea generation, issue analysis and resolution, prioritization, and open thinking and discourse.
    • A debrief with project leads.
    • Documented outcomes and findings (ex. roadmaps, journey maps, low-fi prototypes, prioritized action plans, etc.)

    Examples of popular sessions include: Experience map co-creation, Stakeholder + system mapping, Persona co-creation, North star vision, Tech tour with demos, and Ideation


    To learn more about workshops + remote collaboration services, schedule an appointment with us at FedID 2020 or contact us online or via email:

  • Digital Transformation
    It takes more than simply implementing the latest technology to realize the promise of digital transformation. To ensure successful adoption, re-engineered workflows and solutions must better meet needs and improve experiences....

  • IXP powers transformation with human-centered design to generate strategies and solutions that meet or exceed mission goals. From research, analysis, and insight during discovery to designing intuitive processes, interfaces and experiences for deployment, we can help you innovate the status quo and deliver results.


    Services include:

    • User research to understand and account for needs, goals, motivations, and behaviors 
    • Journey mapping to uncover pain points and find opportunities 
    • Customer experience to improve engagement and delivery across the customer service lifecycle 
    • UX design to create intuitive, useful, and sustainable digital solutions 
    • Service design to improve quality and optimize delivery end-to-end from employee to constituents and citizens

    To learn more about digital transformation services, schedule an appointment with us at FedID 2020 or contact us online or via email:

  • Enter for a Chance to Win a Remote Workshop!
    Need to mobilize your team to ideate, align, prioritize, or problem solve? Break the meeting mold, energize participation, and spark thinking with a mini-workshop led by one of our expert facilitators....

  • Enter for a chance to win a mini-workshop customized for your team! 2 winners will be selected to experience one of our popular workshops customized for their needs. 


    Each giveaway includes:

    • Prep call with a team lead to set scope, expectations, and coordinate setup
    • Up to 10 participants 
    • 120 min remote workshop led by an expert facilitator with activities to energize your team and stretch thinking 
    • Debrief with a team lead
    • Documented outcomes

    Examples of popular workshops: user journey, ideation, empathy mapping, design co-creation, and usability testing.


    To enter, submit your info in the contact form below, including the problem you need to tackle or goal you have in mind for your workshop. Winners will be drawn and notified the week after the conference.

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