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Salt Lake City,  UT 
United States

Venafi’s Common Criteria certified Trust Protection Platform provides government-ready machine identity management solutions, securing the credentials used by non-person entities (NPEs) whether on premises, mobile, virtual, or in the cloud. Venafi orchestrates the lifecycle of cryptographic keys and digital certificates for SSL/TLS, code signing, mobile and SSH while helping agencies gain visibility and intelligence on associated risks and compliance. Administrators can then automate remediation and ongoing management processes, strengthening agencies' crypto-agility. With an extensive ecosystem of integrations provided out-of-the-box, Venafi simplifies the complex relationships between machine identity issuers and consumers to: • Eliminate Outages, • Accelerate and Secure DevOps, • Provide Fast, Secure Cloud Infrastructure, • Prevent SSH Audit Failures and • Enable Secure, Easy, and Fast Code Signing. As the inventor of machine identity management with over 30 patents, Venafi delivers innovative solutions for the world's most demanding, security-conscious organizations and government agencies. For more information, visit:


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  • SSH Protect
    Protect privileged access for the SSH connections enabling your enterprise. We discover SSH keys in your environments and the strengths or weaknesses of their configurations so you can remediate or replace keys that are weak, orphaned or no longer needed....

  • SSH Protect Features:

    Protect your SSH connections to keep them safe, secure and operational.


    Discover SSH keys to create an accurate inventory


    Access dashboards to learn policy violations and recommended actions


    Specify and enforce SSH key policies and rotate expired keys

  • TLS Protect
    Discover TLS certificates to protect these machine identities across your infrastructure. By automating the lifecycle of certificates, you can eliminate outages and quickly respond to vulnerabilities, CA compromise, or other errors....

  • Venafi TLS Protect Features:

    Keep pace with the volume of rapidly changing machine identities in your organization.

    Global Visibility

    Discover all your certificates, owners and locations to protect against expiration

    Comprehensive Discovery

    Choose from the best agent-less and agent-based options for discovering certificates

    Policy Enforcement

    Create strong certificates that comply with security best practices

    Streamlined Enrollment

    Easily enroll certificates within your organization’s specific workflow

    Certificate Lifecycle Automation

    Automatically generate, install, renew, revoke and/or retire certificates

    Extensive Application Integration

    Easily access an unparalleled ecosystem of technology integrations

  • Enterprise Mobility Protect
    Confidently issue, distribute and secure endpoint and user certificates with the visibility, policy enforcement and control you need to protect active endpoint and user machine identities—and terminate access when necessary....

  • Venafi Enterprise Mobility Protect

    Combine Venafi with your MDM for full security across your enterprise.

    Prevent unauthorized access by protecting endpoint machine identities

    • Centralize machine identity management across your entire network, including mobile devices
    • Integrate with leading MDM/EMM, WiFi and VPN systems
    • Enforce customized policies for each certificate use case
    • Rapidly terminate access, revoking all certificates associated with a user
    • Employ a self-service portal for rapid issuance and distribution
  • CodeSign Protect
    Protect your agency's software with a secure code signing process that is fast and easy for developers. CodeSign Protect secures code signing private keys, automates approval workflows, and maintains an irrefutable record of all code signing activities....

  • CodeSign Protect Features:

    Make it fast and easy to secure your code signing processes

    Securely manage private keys

    Private keys never leave a secure location

    Automation and enforcement

    Enforce code signing processes across all development teams

    Easy & Fast to Use for DevOps

    Eliminate code signing burden from your development teams

    Visibility and intelligence

    Monitor and record all code signing activity

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