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Novato,  CA 
United States

As the market-leading provider of federated identity systems based on virtualization, Radiant Logic delivers simple, standards-based access to all identity within an organization. The RadiantOne FID federated identity and directory service enables customizable identity views built from disparate data silos—along with scalable sync and storage—to drive critical authentication, authorization, and provisioning decisions for WAM, federation, cloud, and cloud directory deployments. Many Fortune 1000 companies rely on RadiantOne FID to deliver quick ROI by reducing administrative effort, simplifying integration and storage, and building a flexible infrastructure to meet changing business demands.


Securely Managing Access and Identity in Government: Segment 1 - Authentication
Securely Managing Access and Identity in Government: Segment 2 - Fine Grain Access
Securely Managing Access and Identity in Government: Segment 3 - Case Studies and Future Indications


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  • RadiantOne FID
    RadiantOne FID includes a powerful identity integration layer based on our patented identity virtualization technology, as well as HDAP, our big data-driven LDAP V3 directory store....

  • Our flagship offering, RadiantOne FID includes a powerful identity integration layer based on our patented identity virtualization technology, as well as HDAP, our big data-driven LDAP V3 directory store. While RadiantOne FID still features the same advanced integration capabilities we’ve long been known for, this solution is now available at different levels of directory storage. From a tactical point solution for legacy LDAP replacement to a complete enterprise-wide identity integration and directory service, RadiantOne FID allows you to deploy a scalable, future-proof solution at the most competitive pricing points. These options make RadiantOne FID the most versatile solution on the market, designed to meet your identity infrastructure needs now and well into the future.

    • Active-Passive Mode: Migrate and modernize aging LDAP infrastructures without the need for custom coding or endless project timelines with this tactical version.
    • Cluster Mode: Scale up easily to enable directory synchronization to the cloud, cloud directories, and external web apps with this strategic version.
  • RadiantOne ICS
    Built on RadiantOne virtualization technology, ICS provides two key services to your identity infrastructure: object synchronization and identity correlation....

  • Object synchronization keeps identity data coherent across enterprise systems. To avoid inconsistencies and erroneous data, ICS detects changes in data sources and propagates these changes according to customized business logic. Necessary data transformations are made and updates are made by JMS/ESB to guarantee delivery.

    Identity correlation creates a unified view of identity data across multiple systems necessary for a comprehensive IdM infrastructure, identifying intersections and eliminating overlaps. ICS establishes relationships between identities in heterogeneous data sources. Identities are indexed and stored into the RadiantOne HDAP Directory to create a global unique identifier. This highly scalable directory storage can be used along with synchronization services to provide flexible meta-directory functionality at a lower cost.

  • RadiantOne CFS
    One Hub to Securely Link Cloud Applications with All Authentication Sources, Including Multiple AD Domains and Forests....

  • The RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service (CFS), powered by identity virtualization, is the latest component of the RadiantOne suite. Together with RadiantOne FID, CFS delegates the task of authenticating against all your identity stores to one common virtual layer—and shields your external and cloud applications from the complexity of your identity systems.

    RadiantOne FID virtualizes the authentication, validating the user against a variety of sources—including multiple Active Directory domains and forests, LDAP, databases, and web services—then CFS acts as a secure token service (STS), gathering the requested attributes and building an encrypted claim in the form that the application understands. CFS is a Microsoft-certified, third-party SSO provider and can securely deliver claims to many of today’s mission-critical applications, including Office 365, WebEx, SharePoint, Google Apps, Salesforce, and Jive.

    While RadiantOne FID is compatible with any IdP, CFS enables a secure federated infrastructure and creates one access and audit point to connect all your internal identity and authentication sources to the growing world of cloud applications.

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