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David M. Fiedler Amateur Radio Club  

Fort Gordon,  GA 
United States
  • Booth: P47

The David M. Fiedler Memorial Amateur Radio Club - K4WAR promotes education of communications and electronics to the Fort Gordon Community to increase proficiency of operators within the electromagnetic spectrum and encourage community service. In existence since 1949, the club serves as the cornerstone of technical radio operator expertise in the community providing camaraderie in an extracurricular activity that offers opportunities to gain experiential knowledge in radio operation.


  • Collins KWM-2A HF Transceiver
    The David M. Fiedler Memorial Amateur Radio Club will be showcasing our Collins KWM-2A HF Transceiver. This is the original Fort Gordon MARS Station radio throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s....

  • The Collins KWM-2 is a high-quality amateur band transceiver featuring CW, LSB and USB modes. Frequency ranges:  3.4-3.6, 3.6-3.8, 3.8-4, 7-7.2, 7.2-7.4, 14-14.2, 14.2-14.4, 14.8-15, 21-21.2, 21.2-21.4, 21.4-21.6 and 28.5-28.7 MHz plus 23 additional 200 kHz positions for 28-29.7 MHz. Power input is 175 watts PEP on SSB, 160 watts on CW. Power output is 100 watts PEP nominal (slightly lower on 10 meters). Features include:  multi-function meter, crystal controlled high frequency oscillator, and a highly accurate analog display with Fiduciary Adjust. 14.75 x 7.75 x 14 inches 18.4 lbs.

    The Collins KWM-2A is an extended frequency version of the KWM-2 for MARS applications. It has an additional crystal board permitting the addition of 14 crystals to cover frequencies outside the amateur bands. The KWM-2A has a front panel switch and indicator allowing instant switching between the two crystal boards.

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