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Brigadier General (OF-6) Armin Fleischmann

Director Plans and Policy Directorate
Cyber & Information Domain


1983 Joined the Air Force/ Bundeswehr (Bw), Roth
1983 – 1984 50th officer candidates course, Fürstenfeldbruck
1984 – 1988 Study at the University of the Bundeswehr, Munich
1988 – 1993 Electronic warfare und reconnaissance Officer at FmBer 70, Trier
1993 – 1996 Company Commander of a reconnaissance und support company at FmBer 70, Trier
1997 Cdr of the SysMmgt German Air Force CIS at GAFC4ISR Command, Cologne
1997 – 1999 42th General Staff Course at Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr, Hamburg
1999 – 2001 Expert on Joint CIS Projects at CIS-Agency Bw (AFmISBw), Rheinbach
2001 Expert in the new IT-Agency Bw, Koblenz
2001 – 2003 Head of A6-Division at HQ 3. GAF Division, Berlin
2003 – 2005 Expert on Capability Analysis for C4ISR in the MOD Armed Forces Staff/Fü S VI 3, Bonn
2005 – 2007 Expert for CIS concepts, plans & procurement for the Bw in the basic department of the MOD IT-Staff/ M II/ IT 1, Bonn
2007 – 2010 Cdr CIS-Bataillon 292, Dillingen an der Donau
2010 – 2012 Branch Chief Interoperability & ProjMgr DEU AMN, DEU IT-Office, Koblenz
2012 – 2013 Branch Chief C4I GAF & IT-Sec & Cyber Chief Officer GAF, GAF Command, Berlin
2012 – 2013 Division Head A6, GAF Operations Command, Kalkar/ Uedem
2014 – 2015 Branch Chief Politics II 5 – Cyber and Space Policy & Hybrid Warfare, MOD, Berlin
2015 – 2016 Branch Chief Build-Up Staff Cyber/IT, MOD, Berlin
2016 – 2017 Chief of Staff Build-Up-Staff Cyber & Information Domain Service, MOD, Bonn
2017 – today Director Plans and Policy Directorate at Cyber & Information Domain

2009 ISAF, Chief CJ 6 RC North in Mazar-E-Sharif/AFG
2010 – 2012 GER ProjMgr Afghan Mission Network (AMN) [Short term deployments]


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