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Air Commodore Elanor (E.F.) Boekholt-O'Sullivan, RNLAF

Defence Cyber Command


Elanor was born in Cork, Ireland. She started her career in 1994 in the role of assistant traffic controller. Following her Intelligence and Security officer training at the Royal Military Academy in Breda in 1998, she was successively appointed Head of the Operational Intelligence Office at the Guided Weapons Group De Peel , and analyst and later Current Desk Officer at the Netherlands Military Intelligence and Security Service . In 2002, she became platoon commander at the Royal Military Academy, and was subsequently appointed adviser to the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (2005), while also being responsible for the gender policy dossier.

Within the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Elanor has gained wide experience in a number of positions and has developed her leadership skills to a high degree. During her time as squadron commander of the Didactic Military Leadership and Instruction Squadron (2007), she - together with her team - restructured the DMLO’s output and restored its relevance for the Royal Netherlands Air Force’s striking power. This required a drastic change of the squadron’s set-up and structure, where achieving a healthy working environment based on the just culture and integrity became a condition for success. During her deployment to Afghanistan (2008), she acted as the project leader for the reconstruction of civil aviation, leading an international team of professionals. In addition, she coordinated with the civil bodies responsible for the restructuring of aviation infrastructure, while also monitoring its progress. After attending the Advanced Defence Studies course, she became programme manager at the Defence ICT organisation in 2011, where she was faced with the complex problems of that field. As programme manager, she played an important role in restructuring this ICT organisation, improving ICT business processes and, consequently, putting in place a blueprint for better ICT service provision to the whole Defence organisation.

From 2012, Elanor held the post of Strategic Advisor of the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. In this role, she was responsible for providing solicited and unsolicited advice on management issues, strategic communication and the transition to a relevant, future-proof organisation. At the beginning of 2014, she also became responsible for starting, setting up and leading the AIR innovation centre (Ambition, Innovation, Results). AIR focuses on increasing the innovative skills of the full organisation and on providing disruptive innovations. AIR consciously questions the current relevance of the organisation and looks for new relevance for the future. The most important radical innovations at the time focused on Big Data, deep learning and far reaching automation, and non-kinetic influencing.

Since June 2016 she was the Commander of Airbase Eindhoven. She was responsible for the (safe and responsible) deployment of strategic and tactical air transport, tank operations and coast guard duties. During her command, Elanor devoted constant attention to the themes of safety, culture and the transition to the 'fifth generation Airbase Eindhoven'. That is why the 'Eindhoven on the move' project examined and improved processes. Also thinking about the relevance and future of Eindhoven Air Base because of the growth of Eindhoven Airport was high on her agenda. She meant a lot in preparation for the arrival of the A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport to the airbase.


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