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Track 2: Cyber and Electromagnetic Spectrum Activities Supporting Competition and Conflict, Session 1: Shaping the Future of Cyber and Electronic Warfare (Cyber School)

  • Room: Lamar B/C
Tuesday, August 20, 2019: 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM


Speaker (confirmed)
CW5 Todd M. Boudreau, USA (Ret.)
Deputy Commandant
U.S. Army Cyber School


The U.S. Army Cyber School (USACyS), as the Army school proponent for Cyber Warfare and Electronic Warfare, acquires America’s most talented and innovative citizens and develops them into the world’s most lethal, professional, ethical, and technically competent Cyber Warfare and Electronic Warfare workforces. 

With the vision to become the world’s leading organization in educating, training, and developing DoD’s Cyber Warfare (CW) and Electronic Warfare (EW) forces of choice is focused on building purposeful career paths and academic programs with four core strengths: intellectual curiosity, operational competency, mental agility, and persistent collaboration.

As the USACyS continues to shape its CW courses to meet Army Cyber Mission Force and Joint requirements, it has also initiated a complete revamp of Army EW courses moving from a heavy focus on operating Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) Systems (e.g., DUKE) during Counter Insurgency Operations (COIN) to a focus on theory, day/night tactical operations, and mounted/dismounted EW Operations to prepare EW Soldiers to out maneuver and out think the adversary during intense multi-domain operations (MDO) as part of large scale combat operations (LSCO).