Industry Speaking Opportunities - Tech Talks and Solution Reviews


Topics have been chosen and will be presented as 1-hour sessions in Lamar A in the Riverwalk Hallway on Tuesday and Thursday, and are intended for our government, industry and technology leader participants.
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Solution Reviews

Companies of all sizes were invited, and some chosen, to demonstrate solutions to government and potential industry partners. These solutions will be presented in Lamar A in the Riverwalk Hallway on Wednesday.

Presentations will show their innovative solutions, relevant to the Fort Gordon Community in the following areas:

1.   Provide A Converged Mission Command Network in a Congested/Contested Environment
        A) Enable Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA).
        B) Develop Spectrum Management process for DSA
        C) Simplify networking from platform to enterprise (Ex. MANet, IP, NPLS)
        D) Reduce signature of cyber and EW attack surfaces/nodes.
2.   Provide an Advance Virtual Persistent Training Environment for Signal/Cyber/EW that Integrates with Kinetic and Synthetic Warfighter Training Systems
        A) Develop means and methods to inject Cyber & EW effects into warfighting training at Home station and combat training centers
        B) Replicate tactical forensics and Malware detection and analysis
        C) Provide individual and collective training tools for signal, cyber, and EW operations
        D) Develop advance leadership/commander training on executing cyber and EW effects
3.   Provide End to End Cyberspace and EW solutions to facilitate CEMA across a Multi-Domain Battle Area of Operations
        A) Integrate CEMA into Mission Command Operations
        B) Provide Cyber intelligence methods to handle evolving exploitation threats
        C) Integrate Enterprise and deployed cyberspace and EW capabilities
        D) Provide tactical forensics and Malware detection and analysis

Submissions are now closed.

For more information on the full Solution Review line up, click here.