TECHNET AUGUSTA 2016: Cyber in the Combined Arms Fight

“The Army integrates maneuver in cyberspace with the other forms of maneuver to deny the enemy’s ability to conduct operations in cyberspace while preserving U.S. freedom of action.”

— TRADOC Pam 525-3-1


TechNet Augusta is an award-winning symposium that enables participants to understand the challenges the cyber element introduces into a combat arms fight. The three-day conference offers attendees the opportunities to:
•    Participate in high-level conversations with multiple military leaders;
•    Meet teammates within the military and industry;
•    Offer perspectives about the Army’s future means and methods;
•    Support the Army’s mastery of the combined arms fight, including the cyber environment. 

The Army collaborates with joint, agency, international and military partners through practiced tactics, techniques and procedures. It has adapted to new missions and new threats in an ever more complex mission space.

The Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon continues to address transport, data and organizational convergence to achieve an essential integrated information environment. Progress is underway, but hard work remains to close key capability gaps. Challenges include:
•    Achieving cyber situational understanding;
•    Fielding defensive cyberspace operational capabilities;
•    Building a unified cyber platform;
•    Accomplishing offensive electronic attack;
•    Fielding cyber electromagnetic activities collaboration tools.

Join the conversation at TechNet Augusta, August 2-4 at the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center Augusta, Georgia Convention Center. You can be part of the solution.