Mr. Frank "Chip" von Heiland, GG-15, DAF

Chief of the Intelligence Force Management and Training Division and Senior Language Authority
25th Air Force


Mr. Frank “Chip” von Heiland is the HQ 25 Air Force Senior Language Authority (SLA) and the Chief of Intelligence Force Management and Training, National Intelligence Coordination Cell (NICC). Mr. von Heiland is responsible for the training and Force Development of over 12,000 25 AF Intelligence professionals, Officer, Enlisted and Civilian. 25 AF is the Air Force Service Cryptologic Element with responsibility for the training of all Air Force Cryptologic Language Analyst (CLA) and Cryptologic Air Force Specialties (AFS). Mr. von Heiland is responsible for all language related issues as the Senior Language Authority and responds to tasking from HQ USAF on all specific language issues. He is responsible for the career management of language training for all AF CLA’s. He manages and executes a training budget of 8 million dollars. The HQ 25 AF NICC is a selectively manned division with experts from every Intelligence Air Force Specialty. A2F works directly with the Air Force Foreign Language Office (AF FLO) on all matters affecting language in the Air Force and also works directly with NSA SLA, DIA SLA, OSD, and the Defense Language Office (DLO).

Mr. von Heiland has been serving the Air Force for 31 years, with 22 years of active duty service both enlisted and as an officer and 8 years as a senior civilian. He is a recognized expert on Intelligence Training and Foreign Language within the DoD and the Intelligence Community. He is known for pioneering generationally focused training and new technologies for training. He is the original developer of Technology Enhanced Classrooms at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center and the Classroom of the Future at Ft. Meade. He pioneered the use of mobile technology for training in 25 AF and fully interactive mobile training and gaming environments.


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