Ms. Pamela Whitley

Deputy Assistant Administrator for NextGen
Federal Aviation Administration


Pamela Whitley is the Deputy Assistant Administrator for NextGen. The Office of NextGen (ANG) is responsible for championing the evolution of the National Airspace System (NAS). Ms. Whitley recently served for nine months as the acting Assistant Administrator for NextGen, overseeing more than 900 federal employees and a $1 billion budget. As Deputy Assistant Administrator for NextGen, she has responsibility for the organization's budget and ensuring alignment between resources and commitments.

Ms. Whitley joined the FAA in 1993 as an electronics engineer responsible for the development of standards for airport electrical equipment and lighting. She has held positions in the Airway Support Facilities Division, the Office of Technology Development, and the NextGen Integration and Implementation Office.

Ms. Whitley has been involved with the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) from its planning stage. She served as the technical liaison to the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Vice President for NextGen when the FAA was developing a multi-year plan to present to the Department of Transportation, the Office of Management and Budget and Congress to establish a long-term funding profile for NAS Modernization, now known as NextGen - a pivotal moment for the agency. As a result of the efforts of the NextGen organization, beginning in 2006 the FAA budget included dedicated funding necessary to continue the NAS modernization efforts outlined in the NextGen Implementation Plan.

Since 2006 Ms. Whitley has served in several positions related to NextGen Portfolio Management, including Director of the NextGen Integration and Implementation Office. In 2011 her responsibilities were expanded to include planning for the entire NAS. She was responsible for providing technical and financial analyses for the agency to determine the annual budget required to implement each modernization segment.


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