Information Dominance in the Air, Space and Cyberspace Domain

In the 21st century, new platforms, advances in technology, and emerging threats present opportunities and challenges in command, control, cyber, information fusion, and the coordination of air operations. AFCEA’s TechNet Air brings together military, government, and commercial leaders to discuss the issues and capabilities needed to exploit advantages in the air domain. Discussions also will focus on operating securely and effectively in an integrated airspace at home and abroad. 

The Air Force Information Dominance vision – to fully exploit the man-made domain of cyberspace across all Air Force core missions – demands clear priorities and coordinated action to overcome challenges and leverage opportunities. Because San Antonio is home to many key aviation stakeholders, AFCEA organized a premier event advancing this vision. Leaders and practitioners will examine cyberspace issues, promote constructive dialog, and advance understanding of complex issues. Information about command and control, cyber, intelligence, and EW missions and requirements will be presented and discussed in panel, theater, and small group sessions. The focus will be on operational needs and outcomes. Networking opportunities are stressed, scheduled and supported.

With a theme of “Information Dominance in the Air, Space and Cyberspace Domains,” the symposium also provides a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your company’s innovative solutions to key decision-makers across government agencies and military commands.  


Focus Areas

Successful air operations demand accurate information and effective communications, coordination, and security. The symposium will address lessons, issues, and requirements in three mission areas:

  • National Defense: Conflicts continue, the utility of airpower grows, and cybersecurity is more important than ever.
  • Command and Control: Effective command and control from ground to space must address the threats from end to end with a focus on resilience for sustained operations.
  • Information Dominance: As the Air Force transitioned from the Industrial Age to the Information Age, the need for strong partnerships from intelligence, operations, information technology, and electronic warfare communities continues to increase.