Meredith Dodd, Ph.D.

Data Scientist
Strata Decision Technology


Dr. Meredith Dodd holds a Ph.D. in Health Psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington, where her primary research focus was on analyzing data for a chronic pain clinic, the Productive Rehabilitation Institute in Dallas for Ergonomics (PRIDE). After graduation, Dr. Dodd worked as a full-time embedded contractor in the Army Public Health Center’s Public Health Assessment Division. Her data science work supported Army Medical Command programs. Dr. Dodd then headed the Data Science bootcamp program at Woz U, an Education as a Service company. She is currently employed as a Data Scientist at Strata Decision Technology, helping heal healthcare through financial analytics. Dr. Dodd’s work has resulted in over 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks and several awards. She is a proud SME for CompTIA Data+.


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