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Unisys Corporation  

Reston,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 1037


Unisys is a global information technology company that solves complex IT challenges at the intersection of modern and mission critical.

We work with many of the world’s largest companies and government organizations to secure and keep their mission-critical operations running at peak performance; streamline and transform their data centers; enhance support to their end users and constituents; and modernize their enterprise applications. We do this while protecting and building on their legacy IT investments.

Our offerings include outsourcing and managed services, systems integration and consulting services, high-end server technology, cybersecurity and cloud management software, and maintenance and support services.

Unisys has more than 20,000 employees serving clients around the world.

Unisys is a global information technology company that specializes in providing integrated, leading-edge solutions to clients in the government, financial services and commercial markets to solve their most pressing IT and business challenges. With more than 20,000 employees around the world, Unisys offerings include cloud and infrastructure services, application services, security solutions, and high-end server technology.


  • Stealth
    Stealth uses micro segmentation to strengthen your security in private and public clouds and deflect threats, so you can confidently expand your business. Stealth uses cryptography to cloak your data and servers from dangerous cyber attacks. ...

  • The Unisys StealthTM software-defined security portfo​lio delivers consistent, inimitable security for global enterprises focused on protecting data in their data center, cloud, and mobile infrastructures. We built a better way to deal with advanced threats for our clients by applying novel approaches to new threats. By substituting traditional hardware topology for software-based cryptography, our Stealth Micro segmentation solutions prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and reduce the attack surface, thereby making endpoints invisible to unauthorized users (including DBA’s).  Stealth is an innovative, software-based security solution that:

    • Conceals endpoints making them undetectable
    • Secures data-in-motion through encryption
    • Darkens endpoints
    • Reduces costs by consolidating networks
    • Simplifies security management
    • Tightens access control by focusing on user identity rather than physical devices
    • Supports regulatory compliance requirements (PCI)
  • Unisys Service Management/ VantagePoint
    Unisys VantagePoint delivers real-time personalized access, visibility, and enhancements to the business services enterprises – anywhere, anytime to the screen of their choice....

  • VantagePoint speeds time to value. It combines a pre-built Enterprise Service catalog, intuitive and flexible user portal, powerful data integration, and analysis capabilities in a SaaS solution. This functionality dramatically improves service delivery in months instead of years.

    IT is the strategic enabler of business services.

    VantagePoint is a multi-sourced business services aggregator. It elevates enterprise performance and lowers operating costs through a repeatable process model and a single intuitive interface. VantagePoint also enables users to personalize access, visibility, and enhancements based on their individual needs.

    Manage service complexity, scale effectively, and lower cost.

    VantagePoint serves as a business services impact dashboard. It addresses inherent gaps in service delivery by consolidating disparate data into a unified, real-time, and personalized stream of intelligence. This mission critical information is delivered to the user through an intuitive interface on the screen of their choice.

  • Advanced Data Analytics
    ​"At Unisys we go beyond traditional reporting and dash boarding to create predictive models using machine learning algorithms to help our clients in making better business decisions for the future." Rod Fontecilla, Ph.D., Vice President Federal Systems...

  • The Unisys Analytics Platform (UAP) is an out of the box service that pairs a cloud platform with custom analytics developed by Unisys data scientists. This approach integrates best of breed analytics with unstructured data at a low cost entry-point so our clients pay only for what they actually need, not what they might need. Unisys services can be segregated into:

    • Innovation Workshops – These workshops are typically half day to full day on-site sessions with selected stakeholders to provide perspective into the latest technological architecture and analytical algorithms to support Big Data.
    • Data Analytics as a Service – Unisys offers a ready-to-go integrated analytics platform pre-configured to allow for the ingestion of data to perform analytics and visualisation. This service is designed to provide added flexibility and help accelerate the Big Data analytical PoC while reducing the time taken to turn insights into action.
    • Data Analytics Systems Integration – This PoC is designed to provide flexibility and help accelerate the big data analytics experience. Unisys undertakes the maintenance of the entire hardware and software analytics stake allowing our clients to focus on driving business advantage.