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"Do you work in the cyber area? Then I have some questions for you. How do we do 100% assured identity and build networks that can respond to and overcome our adversaries' attacks? How do we design the next level of encryption for security? How do we design for the next version of the Internet? These are just a few of the questions that I hope you will help us answer as part of our discussions at the 2016 Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium." - LTG Alan R. Lynn

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Rapidly develop compelling search and discovery applications that simultaneously access all data sources within your organisation. For a true 360° view of your operation at any time, on any device.


  • Secure Intelligence & Analytics
    Created by combining tried and tested modular components, Twigkit powered Search and Discovery applications deploy faster, require no additional custom development, and are tailored to the exact requirements of your organization....

  • The Challenge

    It’s inevitable that over time data becomes scattered across an organization. Distributed across departments and geographies, and trapped inside silos including shared folders, email systems, intranets, databases, and legacy systems, it is impossible to identify the connections that lead to insight. 

    The high cost, complexity and uncertainty involved in moving your data into a single, central repository makes it an unworkable, unrealistic option. Similarly, the compromises involved in shoehorning your data into a rigid, out of the box solution are not worth considering: a catch-all solution simply isn’t tuned to the needs of your organization or the characteristics of your data. 

    A Smarter Approach

    By acting as a glue that connects together all of your existing, distributed data silos, Twigkit powered Search & Discovery applications keep your data where it is (and should logically reside) whilst painting the most complete picture of your data possible. All whilst giving your operators secure, single point access to everything you have, alongside the right tools to explore, expose and ultimately act upon the unseen relationships and insights that lie within.