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"Do you work in the cyber area? Then I have some questions for you. How do we do 100% assured identity and build networks that can respond to and overcome our adversaries' attacks? How do we design the next level of encryption for security? How do we design for the next version of the Internet? These are just a few of the questions that I hope you will help us answer as part of our discussions at the 2016 Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium." - LTG Alan R. Lynn

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Special Events

Focused Networking 

Thursday, April 21
4:15 PM - 5:15 PM 

Avoid the afternoon rush and gather with industry and government peers for unstructured discussion and networking. Focused Networking is a pilot in response to requests from attendees for increased opportunities to engage both industry colleagues and government peers to discuss shared challenges and collaborative solutions in more depth. For this first iteration, we have chosen four key subject areas to align with topics of key interest to the Department of Defense: Enterprise Capabilities, Mobility, Network Modernization, and Cyber. Each room will focus on a different topic.

We hope to attract experts from both industry and government for a productive exchange of innovative ideas. The sessions are designed to be as interactive and conversational as possible. This is a PowerPoint free zone with only a podium, minimal seating and high boy tables to facilitate networking flow. We’ve asked our subject matter experts to assist in getting things started by introducing the discussion topics with a few framing remarks. We’ve asked them to limit this to 5-7 minutes to allow the balance of the time for discussion. Members of the DISA's recently formed Corporate Connections team will also be present to engage with industry.


Four discussion topics: 

Enterprise Capabilities or Unified Capabilities
Room 152A
Discussion Topic:
Changing the way individuals and teams work through integrated processes and collaboration services.
DISA Subject Matter Expert: Dr. Glen White, Technical Director/Deputy CTO, CAE 

Room 152B
Discussion Topic:
Strengthening the resiliency of defense in depth cyber security posture to absorb major attacks without any significant disruption to DoD operations. Ensuring the continuity of Cyber Domain operations in the face of disruption and attack, adversary activity and cyber threats.
DISA Subject Matter Expert: Mr. Greg Matthias, DCTO Shared Services, EIS 

Room 154A
Focused Discussion Topic:
Providing freedom of action for personnel to securely work in any location, over any device across any network.
DISA Subject Matter Expert: Ms. Kimberly “Kim” Rice, Mobility Program Manager

Network Modernization
Room 154B
Focused Discussion Topic:
Collapsing today's multiple encrypted network enclaves (NIPRNET, SIPRNET, Coalition, etc.) into a single transport network.  Protecting the Data, not just the Network.
DISA Subject Matter Expert: Ms. Lisa Belt, Civilian Deputy, Infrastructure Directorate 


We appreciate your time and your willingness to participate in this inaugural offering. Our hope is that these types of facilitated small group interactions will become an integral component of the symposium in future, providing an opportunity to build upon the high-level concepts discussed on the plenary stage and technical presentations in the theater spaces. There is a lot of effort that goes into all the pieces of the program and we envision these discussions as continuing the thread to build in greater value for all participants. No prior sign-up necessary; open to all registered symposium attendees.


Lunch with DISA*

AFCEA invites all attendees to take advantage of the opportunity to break bread with DISA senior executives during Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium luncheons. Don't be shy! This is your opportunity to share ideas and ask questions.  First come, first serve seating will be available at specially marked tables hosted by DISA representatives near the stage. See the seating chart in the rear of Hall E for information on each day’s scheduled hosts. 


No prior arrangement necessary, please fill in any open seat. 

Wednesday, April 20
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Luncheon/Keynote Address: View from DISA* 
Speaker: LTG Alan R. Lynn, USA Commander, Joint Force Headquarters - Department of Defense Information Networks and Director, Defense Information Systems Agency 

Thursday, April 21
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM Luncheon/Keynote Address: Industry Perspective* 
Speaker: Ms. Margaret “Meg” Whitman President and Chief Executive Officer Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Friday, April 22
1:00 PM - 2:15 PM Luncheon/Keynote Address: Mission Partner View* 
Speaker: VADM Jan E. Tighe, USN Commander, Fleet Cyber Command and Commander, TENTH Fleet 


Planned DISA Table Hosts (listed in alpha order by last name):

Mr. David Bennett
Ms. Katrina Brisbon
Mr. Peter Dinsmore
Brig Gen Brian Dravis
Mr. Martin Gross
Mr. John Hickey
Mr. Simon Holzman
CAPT Craig Holtslander
CAPT Eric R. Johnson
Ms. Sharon Jones
Mr. Larry Klooster
Mr. William Kronzer
Mr. Alan Lewis
Mr. Jason Martin
Mr. Douglas Packard
Mr. Alfred Rivera
Ms. Doria Schauer
Mr. Jessie Showers
Ms. Sanna Sims
Brig Gen Robert Skinner
Mr. Stuart Timerman
Mr. Jack Wilmer
Ms. Cindy Your

*Luncheon tickets are required.


Meet the Seniors

Friday, April 22
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: L Street Bridge
Join DISA senior executives for an informal outreach sessions at the conclusion of the symposium. This is your last chance to connect with anyone you did not have the opportunity to see over the last several days.


DISA Services Executive Course

Friday, April 22, 2016
2:15 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Location: Room 143C

Open to all Symposium attendees, the DISA Services Executive Course is a high level overview of the DISA organization, networks, and services.  Course agenda includes who we support, Mission Partner requirements (the driver of service/infrastructure development), JIE, Strategic Plan, Reorg, Global Presence, DISN - transport architecture and evolution, portfolios and programs, including Computing Services, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Services, Network Services, Mission Support, Initiatives, ordering services, and resource information.

Ms. Sharon Mitchell
Mr. Andy Saladino