Exhibitor Innovative Solutions at DCOS 2017 (Exhibitors sorted by booth number)

Booz Allen Hamilton

Booth # 343


Booz Allen CyberSim® training and assessment solution evaluates vital cyber skills with real-life work sample challenges that reflect the latest cyber landscape and threat environments. CyberSim assessments require participants to conduct online research and use open-source tools in real-time to solve problems, as they would on the job.




Booth # 364

Pivot3 Acuity

Pivot3 Acuity is a next-generation hyperconverged infrastructure platform architected to overcome the performance, automation and consolidation limitations of first generation HCI solutions. With Acuity, Pivot3 supports the full range of the applications your mission depends on, while delivering industry-leading scale, efficiency and performance. Acuity is an industry-first combination of NVMe PCIe flash, advanced policy-based Quality of Service (QoS), erasure coding and a comprehensive set of data services. Now IT can consolidate diverse workloads on a common infrastructure, while delivering predictable performance to drive the applications that power mission success in the datacenter and at the tactical edge.



Strategic Communications

Booth # 374

Armed PDS and Web Application Firewall Advanced Threat Protection

Strategic Communications partners with Network Integrity Systems and Barracuda to offer a complete security solution. From monitoring physical network assets to safeguarding networks from malicious web attacks by hackers. Stop by booth 374 to see our CNSSI 7003 compliant, DISA Risk Management Framework accredited, armed PDS solution as well as Barracuda's renowned Web Application Firewall solution!



Red Owl

Booth # 474

RedOwl Insider Risk and Regulatory Surveillance Analytics Platform

RedOwl offers a uniquely differentiated COTS user behavior analytics platform which should be considered an essential component of effective Federal Government and System Integrator Insider Threat programs. The platform is purpose-built to monitor, assess, and investigate human risk inside organizations to include malicious, compromised, and negligent individuals participating in theft, data leakage, fraud, and unauthorized disclosure. RedOwl delivers unparalleled visibility and context around employee activities, behaviors, and relationships by fusing together unstructured and structured data streams.




Booth # 476

Application Performance Management

AppDynamics is the Application Intelligence company. Government enterprises can have real-time insights into application performance, user performance and business performance so they can move faster in an increasingly sophisticated, software-driven world.



Grier Forensics

Booth # 490


SilentWeb allows browsing and searching the internet while maintaining OPSEC and anonymity. When you use the internet, you reveal your identity and interests to numerous parties (ISPs, search engines, the maintainers of the web sites), and thus compromise OPSEC. Imagine you are planning a mission. How do you prepare the battlefield, learn about potential collateral damage, and gain knowledge? If you Google search the mission area’s websites, you’ve just revealed your plans and violated OPSEC. Yet, if you miss using the web, you are denying yourself the most fruitful, up to date, richest source of local knowledge and events.

Existing solutions to use the web anonymously, like Tor, are usually insufficient. Attackers can pierce through them and fingerprint you—this is happening in the wild. And, aside from that, they are often slow, taking over 10 seconds to load a single web page.

Instead, SilentWeb delivers a bulletproof anonymity capability, by taking advantage of recent advances in parallel processing and supercompression, to continuously capture billions of web pages, and make them available offline, as if they are live, without leaving your enclave. You gain full access to the web, pictures, search, updates—but without any traffic going beyond your perimeter.




Booth # 578

DMI's Mobile360

Mobile360 is an enterprise class platform that globally manages the lifecycle of distributed mobile assets through a user-friendly platform. The platform integrates Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) including Mobile Device Management (MDM), Telecom and Wireless Expense Management (TEM/WEM), Mobile Threat Management, and enterprise voice solutions for a seamless mobile-first solution.

Through the integration of expense, policy, and security management with service desk metrics and SLA’s, Mobile360 equips users with devices that are configured, provisioned, and secured to your specifications - anywhere in the world.



Titania Ltd

Booth # 588


Nipper Studio

Nipper Studio, a configuration auditing tool, analyses vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in firewalls, switches and routers. Research shows that results are more accurate than the industry leading STIG analysis tool. Nipper Studio increases operation efficiency, doesn't produce any network traffic and can be used in secure environments.



Spirent Federal Systems

Booth # 657


CyberFlood is the world's highest performing Layer 4-7 testing solution. It is capable of generating thousands of realistic traffic scenarios to test your application aware network infrastructure. Some of CyberFlood's key features are the ability to:

  • Generate REAL layer 2-7 traffic
  • Create and run tests with preconfigured traffic mixes
  • Run tens of thousands of advanced attacks, including DDoS and malware, to test the security of your network
  • Deliver scalable and comprehensive cyber range testing



Metova Federal, LLC

Booth # 760



The FIRST EVER DoD CYBER RANGE, CENTS® is a portfolio of Cyber Simulator/Range solutions. Metova is the owner and developer of the Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators (CENTS®) product line. CENTS platform solutions provide an integrated, Live-Virtual-Constructive cyber range environment for training, exercising, and testing full-spectrum cyberspace capabilities. Our high-fidelity cyber range products (CYNTRS®, HOTSIM®, RGI®, VCCE®) are all powered by Metova’s SLAM-R© technology, which provides the simulation/emulation capabilities, such as traffic generation, users, attacks/events, scenario creation and Internet functions. SLAM-R is the engine that brings fidelity and realism to a cyber range and test environment.