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Cisco White Paper

CISCO - Booth 751

Understanding Federal Cybersecurity Strategies
Best Practices For Agencies In a World of Expanding Risk

"Are you confident in your agency’s cybersecurity? Do you think you are detecting and repelling every attack against your network? Are your policies strong, your tools robust and your leaders supportive?

How do you know? In fact, Federal and Defense agencies are in many cases still stuck in old habits, missing out on the greatest potential of security. You may be among the many who need to rethink their approach to cybersecurity, from planning to acquisition to implementation and beyond.

In this paper, you will learn some of the crucial key strategies that the most forward-thinking Federal and Defense agencies and other organizations use to stay ahead of the everchanging universe of threats and risks."

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Leidos White Paper

General Dynamics - Booth 643

Cybersecurity - Features vs. Facts… Are Your Investments Working?

Today, cybersecurity investment decisions are made upon features of tools that offer implied value, but the real value isn’t known. As the challenge of the Millennium, there is no greater threat to our nation’s security than that which is evident via its connections to the Internet. Despite significant investments in tools and training, the Federal Government is not obtaining the results desired for protecting and defending critical assets. This is attributed to the lack of measurable outcomes provided by investment in tools; far too often the benefit of the tool is provided without a corresponding measurable outcome. Through acknowledging this fact, as well as working with the supplier community, we need to focus on measurable tool results as we proceed in selecting the next generation of cyber ools.

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Leidos White Paper

LEIDOS - Booth 745

From security to storefront, improving the DoD information network 

Maintaining and modernizing the Department of Defense’s (DoD) worldwide data network is critical to keeping DoD information and users safe in an increasingly hostile world. With more than 3 million users, many sharing both classified and unclassified information, security is critical.

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), with support from Leidos, is spearheading this effort under the Global Information Grid Services Management Operation (GSM-O) program, a $4.6-billion contract to modernize DoD communications and networks.

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Northrop Grumman White Papers

Northrop Grumman - Booth 556

LYNXeon Cyber Pattern Analysis Platform

Your network data has a story to tell. Northrop Grumman’s LYNXeon Cyber Pattern Analysis Platform empowers cyber analysts to detect and disrupt cyber threats. Through an unparalleled combination of data fusion, big data analytics and network visualization, LYNXeon provides cyber protection teams with unprecedented network situational awareness to enhance cyber hunt operations.

Uncovers threat patterns, activity and behaviors hiding in your data. Correlate, monitor and analyze network data from your existing data sources. Simplifies your analysis. Preloaded with a robust catalog of more than 70 adaptable search queries, plus the ability to create your own. Accelerates investigation and mitigation. Optimized query engine to provide rapid results for even the most complex queries.

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