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"Do you work in the cyber area? Then I have some questions for you. How do we do 100% assured identity and build networks that can respond to and overcome our adversaries' attacks? How do we design the next level of encryption for security? How do we design for the next version of the Internet? These are just a few of the questions that I hope you will help us answer as part of our discussions at the 2016 Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium." - LTG Alan R. Lynn

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IT Cadre  

Ashburn,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 924

IT Cadre's Visualization Engineering® Services: Transforms Programs, Operations, and Organizations. Get everyone on the same page: See the “Big Picture” - an end to end view of Mission, Goals, Objectives, Strategy, Cyber Defenses, People, Process, Systems, Technology, Data, and Accountability. Gain Insight on Opportunities, Gaps, Risks, Cyber Vulnerabilities, Redundancies, and Dependencies. In 90 days or less, get moving toward achieving your Vision.


  • Visualization Engineering®
    Using Visualization Engineering®, IT Cadre brings insight and clarity to all levels of an organization and helps our customer to achieve key transformational objectives....

  • IT Cadre does something that no other firms do. Using Visualization Engineering®, IT Cadre creates a single diagram that includes the goals and objectives, business processes, architectural framework, systems and program funding that are all displayed and interconnected in one easy-to comprehend diagram. All parties, from executives to end user organizations, use the visualization as a blueprint to move forward. IT Cadre creates a clear and accurate picture of where you are today and the vision of where you need to go in a remarkably short timeframe.

    IT Cadre helps leaders communicate their strategic vision to tackle objectives such as eliminating legacy applications, conducting cloud migrations, consolidating data centers, and enabling a robust mobile environment. We develop a comprehensive enterprise vision that includes systems, processes, functions, data, and people in a single diagram. Making the tough decisions on where to consolidate and streamline while maintaining effectiveness can be difficult, but must be achieved successfully. An end to end visualization will provide the understanding and visibility needed to close security gaps, implement unified capabilities, and improve collaboration and communication. Once a vision is established, IT Cadre offers support throughout the planning, transition and execution phases to ensure everyone stays on the same page. Contact us to learn more about IT Cadre’s ability to reveal gaps and opportunities, provide the best solutions, and enable your organization to meet new demands and challenges while achieving the mission.