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Matthew (Luke) Lukenbaugh

JWCC Deputy Program Manager
J9 Hosting and Compute Defense Systems Intelligence Agency


Mr. Lukenbaugh serves as the Security Director for the Defense information systems agency (DISA), hosting in compute (HaC). In this role, Mr. Luckenbaugh works across technology, processes, and people to manage cyber risk, plan for, and respond to cyber incidents,
and to build a culture of cyber security within the HaC. He is focused on implementing the DISA Director’s guidance of ‘harmonizing cyber security and the user experience within the HaC’s product and service
portfolio. Prior to this role, Mr. Lukenbaugh was a Senior Cloud Security Engineer for the Cloud Computing Program Office, where he oversaw the security of Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR). CVR was created
and implemented in 30 days to enable the Defense Department to work remotely during the pandemic and still the largest Microsoft O365 environment in the world. Mr. Lukenbaugh’s leadership was critical to
the CVR effort where he led response for over 12,000 incidents during the first four months of the program, as well as training DOD defensive
teams. Mr. Lukenbaugh has also defended networks at the White House, supporting both the President and Vice President and the 2017
Presidential Inauguration. He has worked as a Technical Advisor, Information Assurance Officer, and Windows System Administrator for DISA. Mr. Lukenbaugh served in the United States Air Force as a network administrator.


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