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Jay Meil

Chief Data Scientist and Research Fellow
SAIC Artificial Intelligence Strategies and Solutions


Jay Meil is the Chief Data Scientist for SAIC’s Artificial Intelligence Innovation Factory, where he directs AI strategy and solutions across multiple domains. In 2021, Meil was recognized with an SAIC research fellowship for his work in multi-modal data fusion.

Meil has 18 years of experience designing and implementing applied mathematical models to drive data-centric decision making at scale. He is passionate about developing AI solutions that facilitate the transformation of multi-INT data into actionable intelligence in support of a common operating picture across defense and national security agencies.

He has supported numerous federal government customers, including Department of Defense and National Intelligence Community, for whom he has defined innovative and impactful ways to predict and optimize outcomes. He recently managed an advanced technical operations unit in support of the Department of Homeland Security, leading a cross-functional team of highly skilled data scientists, data engineers and DevOps engineers to build and operationalize deep learning models. Meil also has extensive experience in Bayesian modeling and optimization, including 15 years of experience in spatiotemporal analysis, forecasting and mapping.

Meil, who is committed to lifelong learning, has numerous academic credentials in computer science, data science and artificial intelligence. Most recently, Meil has earned both is certification in Open Source Intelligence and a ceritifcation as an Certified All Source Intelligence Professional. He has completed a MicroMasters from MIT in data, economics, and development policy. He has certifications in quantitative analytics from the Wharton School (Aretsy School of Executive Education) and applied mathematics for deep learning from Imperial College of London. He holds certifications as a senior data scientist from the Data Science Council of America and data analytics from Six Sigma Global Institute. Additionally, Meil completed a 9-month intensive fellowship in data science and machine learning with Lambda Institute, and is a Global Research Methods in Data Science Certified Expert Data Science Professional.

Meil is a frequent participant in research panels and think tank discussions on the impact of artificial intelligence on national security, including with CERN’s OpenLab and Quantum Technology Initiative, the European Geosciences Union and, most recently, the Atlantic Council Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security.


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