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SIGNAL Innovation Showcase: Zero Trust Networking for Operational Technology

  • Room: Hall F, 2800 aisle
Wednesday, April 27, 2022: 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM


Speaker (confirmed)
Wayne Dixon
Senior Solutions Architect
Dragos Federal


The issue of Cybersecurity for Operational Technology has been steadily increasing year over year. While industrial digitalization has brought many efficiencies to our processes, it has also left critical assets more vulnerable than ever before. Evidence of this can be seen in several high-profile incidents, leading the White House to update Executive Order 13920, specifically calling out Cybersecurity as a key focus area for the nation’s bulk power assets.

As many traditional Cybersecurity controls are not well suited for Operational Technology, asset owners are looking for mechanisms to improve their asset’s resiliency to Cybersecurity incidents, in a way that minimizes impact to their asset’s mission. This is where Zero Trust Networking is proving to be a compelling option, allowing asset owners to prioritize vulnerability mitigation vs the traditional approach of vulnerability remediation.

In this live presentation, Wayne Dixon, Senior Solutions Architect for Dragos Federal will explore what it is about Zero Trust Networking that makes it such a compelling option for Operational Technology.

Topics of presentation include:

  • Zero Trust Networking Concepts
  • The Benefits of Zero Trust Networking for OT Assets
  • Getting Started with a Zero Trust Networking Project in OT
  • Deploying and Maturing Zero Trust Networking in OT