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TechNet Cyber Webinar Series: Perfecting Operations: The Future of Operations at DISA

    Wednesday, March 23, 2022: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


    Moderator (confirmed)
    Robert Ackerman
    Editor in Chief, SIGNAL Magazine
    AFCEA International
    Panelist (confirmed)
    Serena Chan, Ph.D.
    Senior Technical Adviser, Operations and Infrastructure Center
    Defense Information Systems Agency
    Panelist (confirmed)
    Lawrence Klooster
    Vice Director, Operations and Infrastructure Center
    Defense Information Systems Agency
    Panelist (confirmed)
    Don Means, Jr.
    Director, Operations and Infrastructure Center
    Defense Information Systems Agency
    Panelist (confirmed)
    Christopher A. Paczkowski
    Infrastructure Directorate Executive, Operations Center
    Defense Information Systems Agency
    Panelist (confirmed)
    Joseph M. Wassel
    Executive, Cyberspace Operations (CyberOps) Directorate
    Defense Information Systems Agency


    All times EDT

    Register to attend - The webinar will run live on March 23 and will remain available on demand through TechNet. Click here to view the webinar if you're already registered.

    The Defense Information Systems Agency is the nation’s premier IT combat support agency trusted to connect, protect and serve. Following a realignment of agency assets, the Operations and Infrastructure Center Director Don Means Jr. is leading his center in the effort to perfect operations, with a focus on command and control, as well as improving the customer experience. Means will be joined by four senior leaders in his center: Vice Director and Acting Endpoint and Customer Service Directorate Executive Larry Klooster; Senior Technical Adviser Serena Chan, Ph.D.; Cyberspace Operations Directorate Executive Joseph M. Wassel; and Transport Services Directorate Executive Chris Paczkowski. They will discuss the center’s lines of efforts and the critical work they are leading to help DISA meet its mission in support of the Department of Defense and the warfighter.