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Chameleon Integrated Services  

St Louis,  MO 
United States
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Chameleon is a proven and trusted solutions partner that delivers transformational results and successful outcomes to federal agencies, and commercial companies. Our role is to help our clients successfully capture and deploy critical opportunities in IT modernization, cloud computing and building the workforce of the twenty-first century, while enhancing information assurance by mitigating cybersecurity risks. SBA certified small minority owned under GSA 8(a) STARS II, ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

 Press Releases

  • Automation technologies are rapidly changing the way service management is applied to the help/service desk environment.  Application of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Thinking, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can significantly streamline operations while simultaneously protecting data from cyber breaches.  

    Chameleon Integrated Services will discuss the remarkable promise these technologies hold for the future of the service desk and the opportunities for mission-critical government IT organizations to apply them at a presentation on May 14 from 2:30 – 3:00 pm at the Baltimore Convention Center.  Titled Artificial Intelligence Robotic Process Automation For Services Desk, Chief Technology Officer Bill Kapes will explore the keys to modernizing today’s help and service desks and how these technologies can improve quality, performance and security.

    The presentation is part of Chameleon’s commitment to help government IT organizations Prepare, Protect and Prosper as they transform legacy IT systems into future mission-critical support infrastructure.  

    Federal government agencies across the country are busy trying to modernize and upgrade their outdated legacy IT systems to keep up with the latest technologies, operate at maximum efficiency and maintain defenses against growing cybersecurity threats.  Mandates from the highest levels of government now call for consolidating data centers and migrating systems and processes to the cloud while better protecting information.  Public and private sector organizations of all types are facing critical choices in bringing their IT systems into 21st century and complying with a maze of performance and security requirements. 

    Chameleon, a small business prime contractor to the United States Department of Defense and other federal agencies that provides a wide range of Information Technology consulting, support and services to agencies and organizations worldwide. Chameleon is a proven and trusted solutions partner that delivers transformational results by helping clients successfully capture and deploy critical opportunities in IT modernization, cloud computing and building the workforce of the 21st century, while also enhancing information assurance by mitigating cybersecurity risks. 

    “Mainframe migration to the cloud and data center consolidation is the policy of the federal government now, and many of our customers face the overwhelming task of modernizing their IT applications and systems,” said Jeff Kelley, Chief Executive Officer of Chameleon Integrated Services. “The costs and complexity of migrating applications to other platforms and the cloud is full of inherent risks.  Deadlines imposed by some government policies can often make the process even more complex, while cybersecurity threats are ever more present and significant.  Many of our customers have ‘top secret’ security classifications, making them even bigger targets for cybersecurity threats.  And the new ‘target’ system must comply with all federally-mandated security requirements.” 

    Chameleon responds to these challenges with a unique approach that is built around one set of goals:  to help our customers Prepare, Protect, Prosper. 

    • Prepare focuses on IT modernization.  Chameleon offers a complete suite of services designed to modernize even the most obsolete infrastructure and put customers in a position to succeed now and in the future. This includes testing IT security defenses, preparing a management plan for corrective action to address any issues, leading legacy system retirement projects and managing data center modernization and consolidation efforts. Chameleon assists with large scale data migrations to the cloud and helps optimize data structures.
    • Protect focuses on Cybersecurity.  The company understands the threat, knows the landscape, builds cybersecurity into every plan, and uses modern tools to implement highly effective defenses.  Across all projects, people and tasks, Chameleon possesses ways to ensure safety and security on networks, storage solutions, application development and personnel. Its suite of advisory services is designed to assess risk, identify gaps, and create a successful roadmap to transform current cyber practice into a robust line of defense across all channels.
    • Prosper focuses on Continuous Improvement.  Chameleon understands its customer’s Mission and helps them plan for the future, leading the transformation of IT mission-critical needs.  It looks deeply at the whole picture and prepares a plan to execute against those items. The user experience is at the heart of this process: understanding user requirements, routines and established protocols, and collaboratively working together to establish new ways of getting the work done with better results.

    “Chameleon is differentiated by our technology roadmap approach to achieving business outcomes that includes advisory services, cyber security, IT modernization, risk management strategies and cloud solutions,” says Drew Acree, President of Chameleon Integrated Services.  “We also possess a Top-Secret federal government security clearance and have an exceptional past performance record.”  

    As a minority and SBA-certified Small Disadvantaged Business prime contractor to the federal government, Chameleon typically contracts with government agencies for a fixed scope of services and time period.  Other contracts are part of a Defense Information Systems Agency IT Enterprise Support Services (DISA) contract awarded to Chameleon to compete for more than $400 million of military IT services and equipment over a five-year period. 

    “The Department of Defense is our largest customer,” says Acree. “We have had great success in areas that require a Top-Secret classified security clearance as a prerequisite to serve the customer. Organizations and companies operating in regulated industries are our sweet spot.  The Department of Defense, as well as the energy, financial services and healthcare industries, all have security and compliance constraints that are an everyday part of operating their business. We understand those constraints and how to navigate effectively within those business models.” 

    “The federal government is a very large market and looking ahead our focus will remain on helping its many agencies update and migrate their legacy systems and processes to the cloud and other modernized platforms while managing the ever-increasing cybersecurity risks,” says Kelley.  “We will continue to help our customers Prepare, Protect, Prosper!”