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Robert Whetsel, Ph.D.

Data Scientist & Chief Technical Advisor to the 4th Estate, DoD
Defense Information Systems Agency


Dr. Whetsel is an Innovative Technical Executive known for: MAKING THE COMPLEX UNDERSTANDABLE - a Strategic Thinker and Tactical Implementer with more than 30 years of experience within the Department of Defense. He is a fixer, a problem solver, and an expert at building and maintaining partnerships with academia, private industry, and the public sector. More importantly, he is driving digital transformation within government through diversity of minds, emerging technologies, applied innovation, and thoughtful workforce futures. Dr. Whetsel strives to bring an entrepreneur's spirit into government wherever possible. Core to this mindset, he has helped several startups, companies of all sizes, and government agencies to create their own Strategy and Innovation paths enabling them to successfully address unique public sector needs.

In addition, Dr. Whetsel is a recipient of Strategy and Innovation certificate from MIT's Management Executive Education series. He has a Masters of Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence, and a Doctor of Computer Science in Big Data Analytics. Noteworthy, Dr. Whetsel has conducted research and published papers into big data complexity problems. Titles such as "Quantifying the Impact of Big Data's Variety" and "Measuring Big Data Complexity Using Kolmogorov's Complexity Theory" are foundational in understanding computational recourses planning for conducting big data analytics.


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