TechNet Augusta Job Fair

Hire Character ImageFriday, August 11, 2017 ~ 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Oglethorpe Ballroom
Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center

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We know you are committed to hiring veterans and their family members. We are too. AFCEA and the Non-Commissioned Officers Association are jointly committed to matching veterans with purposeful post-military careers. To advance this goal, we are proudly partnering to present the first AFCEA/NCOA Career Fair, held in conjunction with AFCEA’s annual TechNet Augusta. The job fair will give employers and job seekers an opportunity to come together on August 11, 2017 at the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center.

Nearby Fort Gordon is one of the largest economic drivers in the Greater Augusta region, with a work force of over 26,000.  As Fort Gordon continues to be given new missions – including the arrival of Army Cyber Command – and has its existing missions expanded, that work force will continue to grow. Investment in that work force, which is expected to grow to close to 30,000, and supporting infrastructure is expected to reach well over one billion dollars through 2025. 

At the same time as more government personnel and their families are coming to Augusta, more personnel separate from the military (on average, at Fort Gordon, about 150 each month). Transitioning veterans and spouses/dependents of government workers, provide a huge pool of qualified, dedicated and dependable candidates.

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Title Sponsor:  $10,000
Lunch Sponsor:  $5,000
Coffee Sponsor:  $2,500
Show Guide Sponsor:  $2,000

For more details and to sign up, contact Rachael Hubbard or Terry Rogers


Job Seekers

Many employers offer an online application, so why should you attend an in-person job fair? First of all, because employers attend job fairs, and there is no substitute for face to face meetings. Employers can provide you with tips to bypass or streamline the online process. You can ask the employer about substituting your military experience in place of formal education. Employers can take your information and reach out to you directly when an opening is available. A job fair is a great place to do your homework about salary range, benefits, and clearance requirements at companies where you want to work. Don’t forget the opportunity to meet other job seekers who can share with you their experiences and share their knowledge about job availability in different industries.

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